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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Hannah Maggs review

Hey Pancake's!
So on this post I am going to review the fabulous Hannah Maggs!
I  discovered Hannah this week and I watched a couple of her videos, she is brilliant! I am currently loving Grayson! He is such a cute little baby boy and has such a cute little giggle! So back to Hannah, I just love the way Stefan and her edit the video's! I definitely think she deserves way more subscribers! She is just such a sweet person and Stefan too. I think baby Gryson should get a thumbs up! lease go check her account out!

If you don't really like her then watch this video, it changed my opinion right away, it's so sad that I cried!
And if that doesn't make you budge then here's baby Grayson!:
If your not checking out her links now then your just cold.

Love you all x

Sunday, 6 July 2014

I Would Die If... PART 1

Hey Pancake's!
So I am writing this about all the things I dream about happening! All the things I have been working on since I was little so hope you like it.

I would die if...
Zoella replied to one of my comments
Zoe is my favourite Vlogger, Youtuber, Blogger Girl ever! I wish I looked, acted and was just like her! I wanna walk like her, talk like her I don't know the rest of the words! I have watched nearly everyone of her video's, read nearly all her blog posts, and started a fanpage for her! I just love her all together and hope my dream comes true! In the meantime, a little bit of help from you guys wouldn't hurt?!

I got a pet ferret
The clue is in the blog name. Unicorn... F.E.R.R.E.T.S! They are the cutest things and the best thing is my nose is often blocked up and I won't have to smell it!

Move to LA
 I just love LA! I don't know why exactly...

Friday, 4 July 2014


Hey Pancake's!
So my next drama show is Cinderella and I was wondering if anyone had any characters  that you know of that are female and could be played by a kinda tall 13 year old? I already know of a few so I want you guys to comment a number to go with the character (or comment a character I missed) and I will see which has highest demand and I will tell you which one I'm going for, then what one I get!

1. Cinderella
2. Fairy godmother
3. An ugly sister
4. Rat/Mouse(Extra)
5. Stepmom

Please share this because I'm really not sure what to audition for. Thanks Guys!

Blog challenge! Day 1,2 and 3!

Hey Pancake's!
I forgot to start this so I am going to do all three days I missed now!
Day 1
Who I am and why I blog
As you already know I'm Katy. I'm a 13 year old girl from Scotland. I started to blog because my teacher always says to me to read more article's and blogs, so I figured, why not make my own blog! It helps my literacy so why not! I love blogging and as you might of noticed... I kinda 'over-blog'! I started this challenge to try and cut it down a bit and do maybe one post one day and two posts the other.

Day 2
Do a quote
"I did it to make people happy, regardless of how many people listened." Zoella, Edited by me.

Day 3
Useful Resource
I am going to give you my useful resource for make-up tutorial's and tips and it is!
I find Tanya is excellent at make-up and does great tutorials and tips! She is also a good lifestyle blogger so check out her blog aswell!

Hope this helped! Please comment what challenge I should try next!

Zoella! (Please comment the link for this on her blog)

Hey Pancake's, I have drawn a picture of Zoella (Zoe Sugg), here it is,
Had to turn my computer upside down to take this!

Please, if you could, could everyone please leave the link to this in Zoe's comments and tell her to please check it out it would mean the world x

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The Best Friend Tag

Hey Pancake's!
I know the tag's are usually for youtube but I wanted to mix it up a bit! Let's see how me and my best friend Rose do in this!

1. How and when did you meet?
Rose-In our High School Induction days... I think? Me- No, was it not when we went ice skating that time? Rose- Yeah! It was! Sorry about that!
 2. What's your favourite memory together?
Me- Eh... Maths! Rose has this song thing that is so funny!
Rose- What song? Oh yeah the hand one... I guess that caught on...
 3. Describe each other in one word.
Rose- Weird. Me- I was going to say that! Oh I've got one, annoying!
 4. What's your dream job?
Me- Architect. Rose- What's that? *I pull a blank face*
 5. What's your favorite makeup brand?
Rose- Anything really! Me- Oh! God I forgot what it's called!
 6. What is something that annoys you about the other person?
Me- She needs to calm down sometimes! Rose-Her Katiness.
 7. If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be and why?
Rose- Somewhere big. Me- Yeah, so we wouldn't have to see each other!
 8. Favourite inside joke?
Me- Probably my giggle box or my funny bone. Rose- OMG! Katy made a funny!
 9. Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?
*Both point at each other*
 10. Favorite season?
Me- Winter. Rose- Summer.
 11. Favorite song?
Me- Let it go. BTW Rose just needed the bathroom she'll be back in a sec.
 12. What is it like being best friends with someone who is obsessed with youtube.
Rose- Horrible. Me- I'm never talking to you again.

Hi guys, we'll do a part two once me and Rose are friends again... That will be never then!



Dyslexia is something I hate. I don't hate people with dyslexia, I just hate it. One of my friends have it and sometimes it's quite hard to watch her getting criticized by our teacher, so I am going to do this dyslexia post to help those without it to help those with it.

The definition of dyslexia is-
 Any of various reading disorders associated with impairment of the ability to interpret spatial relationships or to integrate auditory and visual information.

Dyslexia is basically the fact that your brain isn't properly learning about things written down. It's nothing to do with the way your taught, but the way your brain responds to it. Like, a simple word like "mean" would be difficult to read because in their head, they don't see letters like us, they may see them backwards or even upside down which takes the brain longer to process.

Sometimes dyslexia affects speech, I know two people with dyslexia and one of them always stutters  before talking and the other can't pronounce certain words properly. Like, instead of saying out, she would say "a-oot" and she sounds like she's saying it in a Geordie accent even though she's Scottish.

I also know another girl who has it and tries to cover it up, like she actually says she doesn't have it. We all know she does because the teacher has her in the dyslexia group, but we don't mind. None of the girls bother about things like that. Although we can't stop the boys from being boys.

Hope this helped!

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