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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

What Not to Do When...Studying

 Don't Procrastinate
 Concentrate. See your phone? Is it ringing? Beeping? Put it downstairs and lock yourself in your bedroom. Is your xbox in your room? It doesn't exist during study time. Got netflix? Don't you dare turn it on! Delete any addictive apps to prevent you from having an urge to play it.
Don't ''Over-Nap"
Yes, when you study it is always a good idea to nap before hand, but when I started napping before studying I often slept too long and just slept without thinking of a limit. What to do is, set an alarm to go off in 10-20 minutes.  It's long enough to give you a boost but not so long that you don't even have time to study.

Don't Drink
Do not drink while studying. I’ve seen girls post pictures with “studying and drinking wine with the girls hehe”. Don't do it. When you drink it prevents you from getting REM sleep, which is the time when your brain stores memories and things you learned from that day. Basically, if you drink while studying, your chances of remembering the material are slim.

Don't Do Chores You Don't Have to Do
Do not distract yourself with unnecessary chores or tasks. I painted my nails. Don’t do that. It isn’t worth the time. Wait and reward yourself after your exams with a manicure or pedicure. And unless you’re considering wearing dirty underwear, I think it’s okay to put off the laundry one more day.
Don't Eat to Pass the Time
Don't eat every five minutes. Give your self  half an hour break once you think you have covered a big percent of the work.
Don't Take Long Breaks
 Take a walk, call a friend or get a quick workout, by all means, just make sure you can get back to studying in a timely manner.

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