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Monday, 30 June 2014

What not to do when...Introducing yourself.

 Hey guys,
So I'm starting a series of posts on what not to do when.... please look through to whole series and enjoy.

Introducing yourself

Don't but in, let them talk.
You'll have your time to say who you are and what you like, just let them have their turn and let it go on for as long as they want. If it's dragging on a bit just simply tell them without being rude, "I have to go, I'll meet you at..." and when you meet up make it your turn to speak, then hopefully it will turn into a conversation.

Don't brag.
OK, we get it. your auntie is Selena Gomez's best friend. You met Justin Beiber and he said you were pretty. Big Whoop! You've got to get over yourself and have a conversation without making the other person feel different and left out, they won't think of you as a nice person if you do.

Don't laugh at the other person.
So what if they live in a cottage in a field? So what if they are allergic to this sun? So what if their blog only has 3 followers? That's 3 more than me! The other person isn't a puppet and has feelings as well. Say you have eczema, would you like some one laughing and saying your weird? Exactly.

Don't go and stalk them.
Yes, add them on Facebook,  Twitter,  Google + and Instagram, but don't look through every photo and comment your opinion. If they post a pic you don't like, or don't think is appropriate, then by all means, report it, but if it's a photo of her and her besto then don't go all jealous and comment things like:
"Liar! You said I was your bestie?!" Because you won't be after that.

Don't worry.
Don't be scared to say hello. Their probably as shy as you and if you say hello to them it will make them please and happy you chose to talk to them not the super pretty popular girl.

And Just Have Fun!

Hope you enjoyed this post I enjoyed writing it! Please use this if you meet someone,
Because I would be pleased if you used it with me!

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